The Swan of Tuonela

This is a fascinating tale. I love reading it.


Swan of Tuonela (Gabriel de Jongh)

It will probably not surprise you to know that much of the mythology of Finland and Lapland is concerned with impossible quests which ineluctably lead to destruction. Louhi was queen of the bleak realm of Pohjola as well as being a sorceress, a shapeshifter, and possibly a demigoddess.  She possessed several daughters of ineffable loveliness. In order to win the hand of one of these beauties, a hero had to pass a test stipulated by Louhi.  These tasks were always impossible or very nearly so. Additionally if a hero somehow seemed to be on the brink of accomplishing his quest, Louhi would use her sorcery to ensure that he failed.

My favorite of these myths concerns the hero Lemminkäinen, a warrior and shaman who fell in love with one of Louhi’s daughters. Louhi promised the maiden’s hand to Lemminkäinen only if the hero could…

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The Passing of Mabon

The Passing of Mabon

Behold the flame burning brightly within the hearth
Behold the flame that takes flight up the tall chimney path s
Behold the flame that connects to the ancestors and the Old God
Behold the flame that anchors in the passing of the time
As the honouring begins and gratitude for harvests picked and shared
———-For Mabon hast come and gone
And Persephone has been claimed by Hades for a period of time
But Mabon brought the sweeping of strong winds all the night long
Bringing forth the steady renewal of rain.
Another cycle is anew, and the wheel dost turn,
Change is in the air.

Ellen of the ways

Ellen of the ways

A way of life emerged as the tender notesmof the flute rose and mingled with the scents of the dying vegetation. Leaves fell softly to the earth mother who took them into her bosum as the day became night. SUDDENLY was upon her and it was time to return to the herd as their journey was lenghty and bitter winds would soon fall upon them as the snow flakes fell hard and form a surface. The reindeer were hardy beasts and in the harsh climate of the north they needed to be to survive and it was time to shapeshift into her reindeer form to lead them to safety.

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