Today’s topic is how one occupies oneself when sick at home.  What does one do!  but fortunately I don’t have to consider this topic as I have too much to consider at any time.  My Oracle card told that I should consider simplicity as my theme and remove anything that was too heavy and constrictive.  Well, that is what I have done and have spent my time editing, knitting and crocheting.

It leads me to think how we spend our lives.  How do we plan our time and upon what pursuits. do we focus on.Do you just fill up time,  so that your soul does not have respite, your spirit no time to calm down, or are you above reproach.

Sometimes I am pleased that I am not so busy as I used to be and thus I have been able to concentrate more of enjoyment and not writing up plans for workshop after workshop.   So to return to the point my day, after waking up very late, has been minimal in terms of what I have achieve .

The next thought was to add meaning to our lives in terms of a belief system, a need to be at peace with ourselves.

Belief Systems can change over time, as we grow.  Sometimes, it is wise to step out of a comfortable niche you have created for yourselves because a part of you is no longer there.  I feel that I have done this many a time and now I simply listen to myself, and have returned more to nature and the beings that reside within in.  In a sense I have returned to the past.  I have completed a whole circle.

Within this circle The Great Mother in her many aspects – maiden, raging warrior, benevolent mother, death-dealing and all-wise crone – unknowable and ultimate wyrd – is nor powerfully reemerging and rising again in human consciousness.  Isis, Demeter, Gaia, Shakti, Dakinis, Shekhinah, Astarte, Istar, Freya, Brigid, Danu- call her what you will has been with us from the beginning and awaits us now.   So she is the beauty of the green earth, life-giving waters, the consuming fire, the radiant moon, and the fiery sun.  She is Star Goddess and Spiderwoman, she weaves the luminouus web that creates the universe.   She germinates life within her dark womb. (taken fromMonica Sjoo and Barbara Mor in The great Cosmic Mother.

The Fey — will enter somewhere.


Into the Meadow,I bear a branch from the She Oak as an offering,

I bear a picture of the black soldier ant’s path, up the tallest gum tree,

I bear a lake now half filled with the water of fresh rains

Upon a bed of baked clay where below the frogs sing.

The dawn dawns with fire that rises in the east, bringing with it a cool breeze that is scooping up the falling leaves  that dance, and twist allowing themselves to gently fall  upon a different spot and it reminds me of the the ever changing  cycles of life.  Beyond the wide, gurgling river rushes forth, and I in my boat not ..championing  to be Mole, who sets forth upon a journey ho.

Into the Meadow

The heat poured in today, burning the land beneath it.   For the first time for many months, nature is ruling supreme.  It has led me to isolate myself inside, by the fan as I think of Entering the Meadow, by the fallen trunks, passing the mooing cattle, an ibis and a snake, the river calls me you see, as it sings along, the river calls me to reclaim my birthrite.

Mostly, I am fairly scattered, part of me lives in Melbourne, part in Perth, other parts of my discected form reside in the UK, another gathers blossoms in Russia, ancestors I meet in  Germany, and days will go by, and into Italy I go, or maybe the good old States.   I am such an enigma, such a scattered seed of corn,  swept aside by the angry winds, that it forget to give me a place to claim my nationality.

wind in the willows

The Swan of Tuonela

This is a fascinating tale. I love reading it.


Swan of Tuonela (Gabriel de Jongh)

It will probably not surprise you to know that much of the mythology of Finland and Lapland is concerned with impossible quests which ineluctably lead to destruction. Louhi was queen of the bleak realm of Pohjola as well as being a sorceress, a shapeshifter, and possibly a demigoddess.  She possessed several daughters of ineffable loveliness. In order to win the hand of one of these beauties, a hero had to pass a test stipulated by Louhi.  These tasks were always impossible or very nearly so. Additionally if a hero somehow seemed to be on the brink of accomplishing his quest, Louhi would use her sorcery to ensure that he failed.

My favorite of these myths concerns the hero Lemminkäinen, a warrior and shaman who fell in love with one of Louhi’s daughters. Louhi promised the maiden’s hand to Lemminkäinen only if the hero could…

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